IALD Instructor

IALD Instructor CertificateIn March 2021, Dr. Indech achieved educator level mastery and instructor certification to teach laser periodontal surgery to other periodontists and dentists through the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (The IALD - https://theiald.com) and Millennium Dental Technologies (MDT – https://lanap.com). He is currently the only periodontist in Arizona who has achieved both clinical mastery and instructor certification in the LANAP® and LAPIP® protocols and is the only active IALD instructor in the southwest states outside of California.

“From my first interaction with an IALD instructor at a dinner presentation several years ago to interactions with multiple instructors during my training on the LANAP® and LAPIP® protocols, I was impressed with their depth of knowledge and supportive attitude.” remarks Dr. Indech. “The IALD’s motto is Semper Studiosum” is a Latin expression meaning “always learning”. As an instructor, I’m constantly challenged to be at the top of my craft so I can enlighten others to enhance their knowledge and skills so they can treat their patients safely and effectively.”

Dr Indech Instructing a PeriodontistThe IALD provides training and certification at the education center in southern California a few times every month for dentists and specialists to safely use their PerioLase MVP-7. The classroom seminars and hands-on live surgery training are officially recognized by the American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry for continuing education credit. The IALD also provides training and certification to periodontists in all three branches of the United States military. As a spokesperson for MDT, the manufacturer of the PerioLase MVP-7, Dr. Indech lectures nationwide on this minimally invasive method of surgical treatment for gum disease and participates regularly in training the dentists and specialists embracing this approach.

Dr. Dan Indech The IALD has over 50 Certified Instructors, made up of respected dentists and periodontists from across the country. Many run successful private practice practices or are affiliated with renowned universities. To become an IALD Certified Instructor, candidates must undergo a rigorous certification process that requires candidates pass several tests and challenges over time. They must demonstrate a high level of knowledge and understanding, exceptional presentation skills, seamless presentation of the core lectures used by the IALD in their training programs and expert level laser surgical skills. The IALD’s strict standardization and calibration process ensures that no matter which instructor is teaching, each attending doctor graduates with the same knowledge and skills needed to achieve successful laser surgery results following the LANAP® and LAPIP® protocols using the Millennium PerioLaseMVP-7 instrument. Instructors are assigned to attendees in a 1-to-3 ratio and are available to attendees for support via phone and email long after the hands-on, in-person training has concluded.