Gum Disease Laser Periodontal Therapy in Phoenix AZ
(LANAP® Protocol)

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LANAP®: A minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery

The LANAP Protocol

The LANAP protocol is a laser-based treatment for gum disease. Designed to treat moderate to severe gum disease, this minimally invasive technique avoids cutting the gum open or placing sutures.

Patients typically report less pain and discomfort during and after the procedure, compared to traditional periodontal surgery.  This patient friendly group of procedures help you get healthy again.  

Dr. Dan Indech is certified and experienced in using LANAP & other procedures to effectively treat & control gum disease.

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Effective Treatment for Moderate to Severe Gum Disease & Hopeless Teeth

Using a precision laser, the PerioLase® MVP-7™, Dr. Indech is able to kill up to 99% of the disease causing bacteria in the periodontal pockets while leaving the healthy tissue intact and unharmed. Additionally, because there is no defense against the laser, the bacteria cannot become resistant and avoid elimination as they can with repeated antibiotic treatment.

Laser Assisted Regeneration™ (LAR™)

In addition to eliminating the disease causing bacteria hiding in periodontal pockets, the LANAP protocol has been proven to result in new bone growth and gum tissue reattachment to previously diseased teeth. It is one of the most successful treatments for gum disease because it targets the source of the inflammation without hurting or removing any healthy gum tissue, while decreasing pocket depth, and allowing the body to recover from the chronic infection without the need for scalpel or sutures.LANAP treatment for gum disease can regrow bone around your teeth. Regeneration over time with the LANAP protocol

Don't Lose Your Teeth, Act Before It's Too Late

Gum disease is often painless and because of this, it's easy to delay treatment. The longer you wait, however, the more likely it is that you will lose your teeth. With LANAP, the process of getting your gums back to health, saving your teeth and regaining a healthy smile is much easier. Don't delay, contact us today.

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