Gum Disease Dental & Periodontal Wellness Evaluation

Dental & Periodontal Wellness

It is universally accepted that people should strive to achieve and then maintain optimal oral health. There are many reasons for this including maintaining function, appearance, comfort and avoiding emergency conditions, pain, swelling and infection. Scientists have proven that unhealthy gums can contribute to or promote other health conditions and can create challenges for patients that have health issues or are undergoing surgery or other forms of medical treatment. Many oral and periodontal conditions are silent and have subtle symptoms that you many not see or feel.  Sometimes, these conditions lurk and are missed by the hygienist or the general dentist. Many conditions can only be identified by close inspection of dental x-rays or CT scans. The key to control is early diagnosis and treatment, followed by prompt treatment and then ongoing maintenance and preventative care.

Dental and Periodontal Wellness Evaluation

Your Dental and Periodontal Wellness Evaluation visit may include:

  • Review or update of your medical & dental history
  • Dental examination, charting and identification of any tooth-related concerns
  • Periodontal examination & measurement of your periodontal pockets, gum recession, furcations and mobility
  • Digital intra-oral x-rays or CT scans as required for diagnostic purpose
  • Oral cancer screening and evaluation
  • Determination of a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan
  • Presentation of dental and periodontal findings and treatment needs
  • Review of financial and insurance aspects if treatment is required
  • Recommendation for ongoing care if active treatment is not required
  • Oral hygiene instruction and review
  • Referral to other dental specialists if required

Team Approach

We work together with primary care physicians, medical specialists, general dentists and other dental specialists as a team to provide you with the best possible care. Letters and/or requests for information are often sent to your other healthcare providers to keep them informed of your status and ongoing progress with us. X-rays and other clinical information can be forward to other clinicians at your request.

Consider taking the time to have your mouth, teeth and gums thoroughly evaluated to make sure you are as healthy as possible and not affected by disease or pathology that can or should be treated. We invite you to visit us.