The Effects of Tooth Loss

losing teeth can make you look older and make your diet less healthy. Trusted periodontist, Dan Indech DDS can replace missing teeth with dental implants Dental implants are the most natural solution for missing teeth. By replacing the root of the tooth with an implant, you can restore your natural smile and prevent bone loss in your jaw, which will help you maintain a healthy, young appearance.

After a tooth is lost, the bone previously supporting the tooth will start to dissolve without the stimulation that the tooth root (or implant) delivers. This leaves a "dip", or a sunken in section of bone that actually spreads toward other teeth. 

When bone loss occurs, it affects your overall facial appearance imparting an "old age look" with sunken in lips and/or cheeks.

The “artificial roots” of dental implants will fuse to the bone and act just like natural tooth roots in keeping the jawbone firm and strong. Your jawbone will naturally regenerate and stay strong around it, holding your new tooth in place, and retaining your youthful appearance.